Time for bone broth, stews, and soups! Plus, this week's produce (Dec. 7)


Brr! It's time to start making bone broth, stews, and soups. Stop in for our grass-fed beef soup bones and roasts, plus pastured chicken carcasses and feet. We've even got recipes at the shop for you to take home, or you can check them out here on our website!

This week's produce

This week we have the following fresh produce from our own garden as well as Fairstream Farms and Kajers Greens: carrots, salad mix, turnips, sunchokes, sweet potatoes, potatoes, squash, micro greens, and pea shoots. 

Plus, we've got organic local blueberries and local blackberries, fresh frozen at the peak of the season to preserve their wholesome goodness.  

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Sarah HighlenComment