Our Story

Our family farm in Kouts, Indiana began with our parents. They were led by the belief that the earth will produce, in abundance, when we replenish what we take from it. If you've been around long enough, you may remember us as Welcome to My Garden. Our shop opened in 2004 under that name, and our mom Anne regularly maintained a booth at Chesterton's European Market.

We’ve been sustainable since the beginning, with no synthetic herbicides/fungicides/pesticides used on our farm since we moved here in 1969. As kids, we were raised learning the sustainable practices that we still use in running the farm today. We use sustainable methods of pest control and weed management, along with solar-powered fencing.

While our farm is still in its original location in Kouts, we now have a small shop in Chesterton. We believe high-quality, nutrient-dense food is integral to good health and quality of life, and we enjoy sharing the bounty of our farm with the local community.

At Local Restaurants

We are thrilled to have items from our farm used by local restaurants and businesses.

  • Enjoy our beef and pork in a number of dishes at Valpo Velvet.

  • Our neighbor, Tiger Lily Cafe, uses items from our farm in occasional specials.

  • We've been honored to have our naturally-raised grapes used by Hunter's Brewing.

Around the Farm

Here are a few more photos from our farm!