Pastured Chicken & Eggs

Our poultry thrive and forage in large pastures. We also feed them certified-organic, soy free, non-GMO feed. This costs about 10 times more than standard feed, but we think it’s well worth it. We raise all of our animals naturally, and we don't use hormones or antibiotics.

We raise our chickens and other poultry on pasture because we believe it's best to do things the way nature intended. Pastured poultry and eggs are believed to have more omega-3 fatty acids and higher vitamin levels than their industrial farm counterparts.


We typically carry our frozen whole chickens, half chickens, breasts, thighs, drumsticks, wings, carcasses, livers, hearts, and kidneys at our shop.  There are times when we're able to offer our chicken fresh (unfrozen). Be sure to sign up for our email list or follow us on Facebook to find out when we're offering fresh chicken.

Download our current pastured chicken price list. (Note that some cuts are in limited supply and sell out quickly. If you want a specific cut or are making a long drive, please call first! 219-214-1309)

More Free-range Poultry

We often have pastured ground turkey, turkey sausage, whole turkey, and drumsticks, plus necks, backs, and feet — perfect for soup. We also carry hearts, gizzards, and liver. Download our turkey price list.

We sometimes have free-range pheasant, although we're sold out right now.


Our pastured chicken eggs have been in great supply for the last year or so. But every once in a while, we find ourselves short on eggs due to predators or seasonal changes, which are both risks of raising chickens naturally rather than in battery cages. So if you're making a trip just for local eggs, be sure to call first.

Every once in a while, we also have duck eggs, turkey eggs, and goose eggs! If you've never tried any of these, you're in for a treat.


Our Pastured Chicken + Egg Recipes

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