Produce update, fresh chicken, & book giveaway!

This week's produce (Dec. 14th)

This week we'll have the following fresh produce from our own garden as well as Fairstream Farms and Kajers Greens...

Starting Thursday  Dec.14:
micro greens and heirloom squash (including delicatas, acorn squash, varieties of pumpkins)

Starting Friday Dec. 15:
carrots, salad mix, sunchokes, Tokyo turnips, and hopefully spinach

Plus, we've got organic local blueberries and local blackberries, fresh frozen at the peak of the season to preserve their wholesome goodness.  

Fresh Chicken Saturday

We'll have fresh (unfrozen) free range chicken cuts available this Saturday only.


Book Drawing

We're giving away two of our favorite hardbound reference books! Visit our shop this month to flip through them and drop your name in the jar for our drawing to take place in January. (No purchase necessary.) 

The River Cottage Meat Book is a James Beard award-winning title, designed for those who want to be thoughtful in the way they shop for and cook meat. It has over 500 pages with plenty of useful photos and reference charts. It covers a range of topics, including the moral dilemma of eating meat, what makes good meat, guidance on choosing meat,  detailed techniques and recipes, and even tips for being thrifty. 

Likewise, the River Cottage Curing & Smoking Handbook is a detailed reference that covers everything from tradition and science to detailed techniques and recipes, again with beautiful photos. These books are perfect for meatlovers who already have a deep appreciation for well-raised, custom-butchered meats, as well as for those who are curious and want to develop their understanding and skills.

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