Local restaurants to visit this week, plus a produce update


We're honored to have our ingredients used at local eateries!

This is your last week to enjoy Valpo Velvet before they close for the season:

  • Wednesday: meatloaf made with our grass-fed beef & pastured pork
  • Thursday: tamales made with our pasture-raised lard
  • Saturday: sloppy joes made with our grass-fed beef

From Thursday through Saturday, head over to Albano's Pasta Shop in Chesterton for amazing hand-made pasta. Their famous sharing-sized meatballs are made with our grass-fed beef and pastured pork. 

Produce update

Our local produce options will be limited again this week due to the dip in temperature, which makes it difficult to pick leafy greens, etc. But we have plenty of squash varieties that are perfect nourishment during the cold, including spaghetti squash and butternut squash. 

We hope to have a nice selection of produce available next week from our sustainable farming friends. Check back next week for an update, or sign up for our email list to have our weekly updates delivered to your inbox.

Sarah HighlenComment