New — organic dried mushrooms! Plus this week's produce (Nov. 30)


Organic Mushrooms

Our little shop is still growing! We've just added bulk packages of organic dried mushrooms from Fungus Among Us. Dried mushrooms are easy to rehydrate and use in stir-fries, sides, pasta, and soup. Our varieties include:
🍄 Crimini
🍄 Maitake
🍄 Morel
🍄 Oyster
🍄 Porcini
🍄 Portobello
🍄 Shiitake

Plus, we have mushroom POWDERS: porcini mushroom powder and shiitake mushroom powder — perfect for amping up flavor and nutrition. 

This week's produce

We're starting to face winter weather, which presents some challenges, but we continue to work to overcome those challenges! We plan for this week's produce to arrive around end of day Thursday from Fairstream Farms: turnips, kale, and a little lettuce.  We also have microgreens from Kajers Greens and sweet potatoes from our garden.

Sarah HighlenComment