Time for Stew + Cheese Update!


It's stew season!

Stop in this week for stew meat, beef shank bones with marrow, and broth bones — all grass-fed!  We even have a delicious stew recipe for you.

Cheese Update

We're also so happy to report thanks to your support, Green Gold Cheeses is not winding down business just yet.  Instead, they're starting a new batch of cheeses! We sold out of the cheddar last week and we made the long drive today to pick up more, so we're now fully stocked with both cheddar and monterey jack! We also still carry a nice selection of artisan cheeses from Jacobs & Brichford

Both J&B and Green Gold are Indiana family operations and both make cheese that is:

  • Made with grass-fed raw milk 

  • A2 protein (Jersey, Normande, & Tarentaise cows)

  • Free of soy, corn, GMOs, & synthetic chemicals

Local Produce

We are re-stocked with more sustainably grown, local Yukon Gold potatoes, sweet potatoes, garlic, and some squash. We have not had a chance to catch up on our hoops and pick more lettuce, but this will leave more delicious options for next week — when our green leafy produce will be a bit larger and picking will be more productive!

Additionally, we have not had a chance yet to re-stock our delicious, frozen blueberries from the Organic Blueberry Ranch but we hope to very soon. Thank you for your patience as we endeavor to keep providing healthy, local produce during these winter months!

Sarah HighlenComment