Grass-fed raw milk cheese - A2 protein


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We have a limited supply of delicious cheddar and monterey jack cheese from Green Gold Cheeses, a small family dairy in Howe, IN.

  • Grass-fed

  • Raw milk

  • Jersey milk — A2 protein

  • Free of soy, corn, GMOs, & synthetic chemicals

Unfortunately, it looks like he currently plans to wind down operations. It would be a shame to see an end to this incredible local cheese and we hope we can help make it possible for the Helmuth Family to continue.

In the era of factory food, with the epidemic of family dairy farms being forced to close, and the continuing loss of small scale food traditions... losing one more family food operation impacts all of us.

Grab a friend and come in for cheese this week — plus grass-fed beef, pastured pork and poultry, and wholesome pantry goods.

Produce Update

We have a small amount of produce this week, available to our produce box customers.

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