Abundant Potatoes - Stock Up & Save

Our potatoes are abundant right now — enjoy the harvest with us! We have Yukon golds, red potatoes, purple potatoes, and sweet potatoes, all raised without herbicides or pesticides, as always.

If stored carefully, they last well. Stock up and save $1 off per pound if you buy 5 pounds or more. (Reg. price $2.99/lb)

Additional naturally grown produce this week includes:

  • candy onions

  • garlic

  • kale

  • swiss chard

  • mixed lettuce

  • spinach

  • mixed herbs

  • carrots

  • multiple varieties of squash (butternut — full size and personal size, spaghetti, delicata, etc.)

  • carrots

  • cabbage

  • watermelon

  • and more

We've got new items from Joe's Bread, too! (Only Fri. -Sat. this week.)

Sarah HighlenComment