Pork loin cuts & produce update

Pork Loin Cuts

Never sure what cuts to choose? Here are a few tips for cuts from the pork loin — the leanest & most tender part of the pig. If cooking pork chops has been a challenge for you in the past, try out our easy pork chop recipe, which works great with all chop cuts!

  • Sirloin Pork Chop: Contains several different muscle groups ・ Delicious braised or stewed
  • Center Cut Pork Chop: Very tender and milder flavor ・ Delicious seared or grilled
  • Pork Steaks (Shoulder Chops): The most affordable cut because it’s tougher than others — but very juicy ・ Delicious braised, barbecued, or brined
  • Loin roasts: The best cut for roasting!
  • Tenderloin: Lean and boneless, so don't overcook・Delicious roasted, seared, sautéed, or used in stir-fry

Our pigs are raised in wooded pasture with no antibiotics. They enjoy seasonal acorns, walnuts, and mulberries, along with organic feed — including oats from our farm. Raising pork as nature intended has plenty of benefits, from delicious meat and better nutrient profile to environmental sustainability. Read more about our pastured pork.

Produce Update

This week's produce selection includes:

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