Veggies! Plus Valpo Velvet for Lunch + Beef Restock


We have salad mix, Yukon golds, sweet potatoes, and garlic this week!

We’re also excited to announce that you can enjoy our grass-fed beef and pastured pork at Valpo Velvet 6 days/week! Enjoy our grass-fed beef and pastured pork in these dishes:

☆ Sloppy Joes (Mon - Sat)
☆ Patty melts, including a KETO option! (Mondays)
☆ Meatballs (Wednesdays)
☆ Pork Tacos (every other Thursday)
☆ Open-faced meatloaf sandwich (days vary)

We've restocked grass-fed beef at our shop this week, too. Come on in after lunch!

Sarah HighlenComment