Open for a bonus day! Duck, extra meaty short ribs, veggies...


Open Wednesday

Our Chesterton shop will be open an extra day again this week: Weds 12-6, then our usual Thu 10-5, Fri 10-5, Sat 10-4.

Brazilian Short Ribs

We have a unique, extra meaty cut of beef short ribs right now. We just made a batch using the New York Times recipe for Garlic Braised Short Ribs. They are amazing!

Pastured Duck

We have a limited number of pastured ducks right now — while they last!

This Week's Produce

We've got a nice selection of naturally raised veggies from our farm as well as Fairstream Farms and the Bontrager Family. The current harvest includes:

  • sweet potatoes

  • yukon golds

  • garlic

  • pumpkin pie pumpkins

  • delicata squash

  • butternut squash

  • carrots

  • sunchokes

As always, all of the veggies we offer are grown without synthetic pesticides, herbicides, or fungicides. 

Local Beers to Try

There are so many great local brews! What are your favorites? The last few days, we've been enjoying:
🍺 Nigrum Veneris Imperial Stout from Ironwood Brewing Co.
🍺 Cleveland St. Porter from Hunter's Brewing (just a minute away from our shop)
🍺 Smoke Stout from 10 Mile Brewery

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