This week's produce + pork steaks for the grill


Pastured Pork Steaks

Try our pasture-raised pork steaks on the grill this weekend! Pork steaks are the most economical chop and their rich marbling makes them moist and flavorful.

☛ They're simple to grill — you can just sprinkle with salt and seasonings the night before, or go all out and make homemade barbecue sauce.

☛ Don't overcook! Grill at medium heat until steaks reach an internal temp of 145, then rest three minutes.

This Week's Produce

We've got lots of fresh nutrient-dense produce for you this week from our farm as well as Fairstream Farms and Organic Blueberry Ranch:

・Organic Local Blueberries
・Swiss Chard

All our veggies are naturally grown with care — and without synthetic pesticides, herbicides, or fungicides. As always, come early for best selection!

If you ordered a 10lb box of blueberries, those orders are in now!

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