New: turkey sausage plus lots of no-sugar pork sausage flavors!


Turkey Sausage 🦃 

Due to popular request, we now have free-range turkey sausage!

Pork Sausage Restocked, plus New No-Sugar Flavors

We've also just restocked our pork sausage, including Cajun, Polish, Brat, Perfection Spice Rub and The Real Vermonter's Maple. Plus lots of 💥NO SUGAR💥 sausages:  Andouille, Fresh Kielbasa, Oaxacan Adobo, Shepherd Herb Mix, Tolucan Chorizo, Breakfast Blend, & Italian. 

Like all our food, this is the good stuff. Our hogs are raised in wooded pasture with organic feed and space to forage for nuts, berries, grubs, and roots — which means more omega-3s and more flavor!

This Week's Produce

This week's produce includes squash, sunchokes, carrots, microgreens, and frozen organic local blueberries and blackberries.

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