Fresh Local Spinach


Fresh Spinach

We have something special for you this week: fresh local spinach from Fairstream Farms!  This antioxidant-packed superfood is rich in magnesium, zinc, vitamins A & C. Unlike the grocery store variety, this is super fresh so more nutrients are intact. Just what you need during cold and flu season!

 Fresh spinach is perfect for...

  • salads with our organic olive oils
  • smoothies made with kombucha and frozen blueberries and blackberries (all available at our shop!)
  • sauteeing and topping our pastured eggs 

Sorrel Microgreens

We also have sorrel microgreens this week, in addition to our regular selection of Kajer's microgreens. People seek out sorrel for an abundance of health benefits — and like spinach, it's incredibly nutrient-dense!

Grass-fed Beef Patties

Our grass-fed beef patties are still 15% off while supplies last!

Hope to see you soon!

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