Cottage Bacon for Hawaiian Pizza!


Cottage Bacon

We've been enjoying Hawaiian pizzas at home, made with our cottage bacon. Contrary to the name, it's actually more like ham than bacon. It's perfect for topping pizza, making breadless roll-ups, and adding to sandwiches. And that lightly smokey ham flavor is amazing with pineapple!

Like all of our bacon, our cottage bacon has no synthetic nitrates added! Our pigs are raised in wooded pasture, where they’re free to root around and enjoy seasonal acorns, walnuts, and mulberries, along with organic feed — including oats raised on our farm.

Produce Update

We're disappointed to report we won't have produce this week. It's been a difficult spring. But it looks like we'll be harvesting our own lettuce next week, with lots more to come in the following weeks!

Sarah HighlenComment