Duck eggs, fresh pheasant, & produce update


We've been working to increase our duck egg production, so we added a few Khaki Campbell ducklings to our brood in the spring — they are active foragers (needing plenty of space and grass) and prolific layers (known to produce eggs of superb texture and flavor). And now that they're all grown up, we have lots of duck eggs to share! 

Duck eggs...

  • Are richer than chicken eggs
  • Make amazing over easy eggs
  • Are prized for baking & custards
  • Can improve gluten-free baking recipes
  • Make delicious Dutch pancakes

Like our chickens, our ducks are raised on pasture with organic soy-free feed and no antibiotics. Read more about our pastured poultry & eggs.

Fresh Pheasant

We'll have fresh (not frozen) pheasant from our farm at the store until Saturday at close, when we will freeze them. Our pheasants are raised like all of our poultry — on pasture with soy-free organic feed. Limited quantity available.

This Week's Produce

This week we'll have lots of great produce from our farm as well as Kajers Greens and Fairstream Farms:

  • micro salad mix
  • pea shoots
  • radishes, baby carrots, & turnips
  • lettuce mix, asian salad mix, and large arugula
  • sunchokes
  • kale and Swiss chard 
  • red potatoes
  • beautiful array of squash, gourds, and pumpkins
  • lemon cucumbers (so called not because of their flavor but because of their fun shape & color)
  • red onions
  • herbs
  • flowers

...and a few other surprises. As always, produce is available while supplies last. Hurry in for best selection.

Samples on Saturday

For those who missed the KOYAH tasting last week, we'll have more samples to offer this Saturday, along with Anna's Small Batch Kombucha.

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