Simple Whole Roast Chicken

This recipe requires very little effort and produces a succulent bird with crispy skin! 

Always start with thawed chicken. Thaw in the fridge for 2½-4 days, or thaw on counter for 4-6 hours by submerging in cold tap water and changing water every 30 minutes. Leftovers are great re-heated, or used in salad. 


Recipe Instructions

Preheat oven to 425° F.

Start with a thawed whole chicken. 

  • Remove giblets and pat the chicken dry. Our chickens often come with the legs trussed using the skin, and may or may not contain giblets. If you release the legs to remove giblets, tuck them back into the pocket of skin. 
  • Sprinkle all over with salt and pepper. Our pastured chicken is delicious as-is. But if you have thyme, rosemary, or a favorite seasoning blend, you can sprinkle with those as well.
  • Place on a roasting pan, or on a rack on top of a cookie sheet or large baking dish — anything that will provide good air flow. Position with legs up, and tuck the wings underneath, pointing toward one another. 
  • Dot with three slender pats of butter. 
  • Roast at 425° F on middle oven rack for about 50-90 minutes, depending on size. (Roughly 50 minutes for a 3lb bird; 1 hour for 4lbs; 1hr 15 minutes for 5lbs; 1hr 30 minutes for 6lbs.) The chicken is done when skin has crisped and a thermometer inserted into the innermost part of the thigh reaches 165°.

Let rest 15 minutes, then serve.


What to do with the extras:

If the neck was separated and placed in the cavity, roast it alongside the chicken and then use it for broth. 

The giblets are tasty chopped and sautéed with garlic or shallots. They can also be smothered with onions; used to make gravy or stock; or frozen for later use. Just trim the silvery skin off the gizzard first. 

When the chicken is done, drain the fat (schmaltz) and store it in the fridge or freezer. It makes amazing sautéed or roasted veggies.

Save the carcass to make a nourishing broth — perfect for immune support and as a flavorful base for your favorite soup recipe.